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Published on August 21st, 2017 | by admin

Web Partners Affiliate Review

If betting on sports is one of your passions, we have found the perfect place for you. Located in the beautiful Costa Rican valleys, the talented and well built team of experts from Web Partners is adept in making their customers happy. Let us get some insight on the various benefits they have to offer to you as a customer.

The affiliate program of Web Partners believes in helping the clients multiply their money with minimal efforts and in shortest span of time. Let us get a glimpse of the top benefits that Web Partners Affiliate Program has to offer us as a customer.

Joining the affiliate program by Web Partners comes with numerous opportunities of watching your money grow as they place you in better position than the others, thanks to their enthusiastic management skills and hands on experience in the online betting circuit. Signing up with their affiliate program gives you access to three of the top betting portals named below: Allows you to place your bets on top sporting leagues ranging from NFL to NBA and European Soccer to International Rugby events. Makes the betting enthusiast in you go crazy over numerous world class sporting events that are diversified from top college leagues to international events, even The Olympics! Home to all the Horse Racing betting action across the globe from Kentucky Derby to Belmont Stakes, is one of the most popular betting platforms for betting enthusiasts.

Web Partners Affiliate Program provides you unique opportunities compared to their competition in the market. The earning potential that lies in this program is huge considering they have such popular brands under their banner. And not only Web Partners provides unique brands, they also dedicate have a dedicated sales team that believes in retaining the business and the traffic you provided. To ensure the client’s association with them continues for long, they proficiently provide solutions to all the queries and resolve all the issues as soon as possible.

The affiliate program will be on a commission basis which uses Revenue Share System and is divided into 4-Tiers as follows:

TIER-1: First up is the Tier-1 revenue system. In this, the customers have to pay a share of 25 percent of their revenue if their earnings lie in $1 to $9999 as per calendar month.

TIER-2: The next stage of the revenue system is Tier-2 which comes into play when monthly earnings lie in the range of $10,000 to $19,999 and they have to pay a share of 27 percent.

TIER-3: The third tier of the revenue system is triggered when the month’s earnings in the game lies in the bracket $20,000 to $29,999. The percentage share that you have to spare is 30 percent.

TIER-4: The fourth and final tier is for those who generate revenue of $30,000 or higher in a calendar month and 35 percent is the revenue share that is to be paid.

Web Partners Affiliate Programs offer you multiple choices for the pay-outs ranging from Bank Wired Transfer to Checks to Bitcoin.

In addition to the above advantages, Web Partners ensure that the affiliate payments are paid on time on a monthly basis without any excuses or delays as they prioritize customer satisfaction. Their 4-tier revenue system has garnered positive acclaim from the clients over the period of time as it is one of the most well established systems in the market of online betting sports and ensures that you are making the most of your affiliation.

You can always reach them via email ( and their team will always find a way to help you out. To sign up with Web Partners Affiliate Program use our link.

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