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Reviews tb affiliate program review

Published on August 17th, 2017 | by admin


TB Affiliate Program Review

One of the most recognized affiliate programs in the US and rest of the online casino circuit, TB Affiliate Program offers its customers the best benefits. The TopBet Affiliate Program is something that does not need recognition as it has been running successfully for more than 25 years now. It brings you the top online casinos on a single platform, working things to your advantage. This affiliate program brings you multiple virtual table and slot games from the best online betting circuits of the world. But there is more to TB Affiliate Program than just that. Here is the review for the program.

As mentioned already, they boast an experience of 25 years which is noticeable in their impeccable sense of business management. TB Affiliate Programs runs purely on a commission basis in which their partners earn commission on the activity of the players in the online gaming circuit. Any casino owner along with their players will cherish their time if they are an affiliate with TopBet. There are plenty of offers and services that TB provides in order to make your association with them worth the time and money.

There are multiple offers that one can avail in this program. The commission on the earnings is classified into two sub-categories named as:

Revenue Share Model: According to Revenue Share Model (often referred as RevShare), TopBet charges some percentage share in a player’s or casino’s net revenue. There are multiple factors such as pay-outs, charge backs, bonuses and fraud that are taken into consideration before calculating the final revenue. Revenue share plan is prone to negative carryover in case the casino takes a net loss on the referred player over the period of a month.

Cost per Acquisition Model: The CPA model charges a fixed cost from the affiliates on the basis of the acquisitions made throughout the month. Casinos and respective players can opt for this since the start of their membership if they wish to and should know that the costs for the acquisitions are fixed and cannot be customized. There is also a minimum cost for the deal which they have to bear.

Punctuality of the TB Affiliate Program is appreciable. The payment frequency is excellent and is done on a monthly basis, within the first two weeks of the month. For the payments to roll out on time, you need to earn a minimum threshold amount of $100-$1000.

Talking about the payment methods, TopBet’s affiliate program has various options to choose from. Ranging from wired transfers to checks and from Pay2Card to adding the earnings to a players account, all the option are provided in order to ensure a smooth sailing gaming campaign.

In addition to all the above advantages, they have a very good network and the customer support facility is always at your help. You can reach them via email at and you will certainly get a response within a day. They are making their presence felt on the social media handles such as Twitter (@TBaffiliate) and Facebook (TB Affiliate Program Fan Page). With high converting campaigns and competitive pay-outs, they offer you tracking software known as MyAffiliates.

To start your affiliation with TB Affiliate Program, sign up here.

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