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Published on September 8th, 2017 | by admin


Online Betting Site Blackbet to offer unique Sports Betting:

The latest buzz surrounding the online betting industry is the emergence of a soon to be launched site that is already creating plenty of ripples in the pool. The site is Blackbet and what they claim to offer is beyond imagination. As per the information on the site’s official page, Blackbet is going to be the first online betting platform in the world to offer Ethnic sports betting. Yes, you heard it right! Though the purpose of quoting something like that is still unknown, but one thing that can be said about this matter is that it will be interesting to see what the site has to offer when it becomes functional in the month of October. The closest possibility could be that this site has its origin in Africa and will surely get fully operational in a month’s time or so.

The site bears a URL named and makes a healthy promise of delivering UK and Europe focussed ethnic sports betting brand, which will be the first of its kind. It also promises to give the players the thrill they love and best entertainment in safe and most secure environment where they can solely enjoy online betting.

Blackbet is also boasting about partnering with the best sources for delivering the best gaming experience which is a good thing to hear as it is going to ensure a smooth sailing for the betting enthusiasts. They also promise to offer the freshest gaming experience possible, so it will be interesting and intriguing enough to see how things are going to turn out. The landing page further reveals that the service will launch on the very first day in the month of October and now that the countdown has begun, people are closely following the site to get a hint of how good things are going to be! There is a sign up option for email alerts as well which will notify the masses when the service goes active. In addition to that, there is a contact form as well which can be used for resolving queries related to the website.

The legitimacy of website is still something that is not so clear and upfront. Although the site has so much in common with Nigerian betting firm named owned by SUPABETS. Nonetheless, the entering of in the European market will bring up so many questions from rivals operators and regulators alike.

The site’s content exclusively features black athletes and gamblers, but again it would be pretty unfair to judge a book by its cover. But just in case the website tries to block player on the basis of ethnicity, it is going to be a trouble for them as it is not allowed in the UK and other European nations as well. The site promises to offer a safe space for players to gamble but only its inception will determine the additional features it is going to offer. The only thing that can be done is to wait patiently and see what the site and fuss is actually all about and how good it is going to deliver on the promises it made.

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