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Published on November 9th, 2017 | by admin


More Online Payment Options for the ease of Gambling

In today’s digital world, we all have come across online payments at some point in time. Be it on the online shopping websites or the Roulette at the ravishing online casinos, online payments always act as a saviour sent from heaven to save the day. The popularity of the online payments has increased tremendously and so have the options that we get nowadays when it comes to paying online. But it is not only the ease of making transactions from anywhere in the world that makes online payments worth a try. There are other advantages as well.

One of the primary advantages is that this mode of making payments offers you security and better encryption. In the past, making payments online was a tough thing to do as it was enriched with plenty of difficulties ranging from slow as a snail type of websites and even the security was not up to the mark. A revolutionary change occurred when the 128-bit encryption was introduced and as of today, the HTTPS protocol makes sure that the customers are accessing to the secured versions of the payment websites from their desktops or mobile devices. The confidentiality and security measures offered by online payments led to a significant increase in the customer’s confidence level and this was the moment when this mode of payments rose to prominence. And one of the industries that has benefited the most from online payments is the online gambling sector.

If you are not living in the stone age, you probably would have noticed that online casinos have been a success in the modern world. The competitive nature of the online gambling market can be noticed just by analysing the number of online casinos opening on a daily basis and thousands of customers enjoying the opportunities to win money from the house. There are two major issues when it comes to payments in online casinos and they are Speed of the transactions and International Transfers.

Speed is a very crucial factor because the gamblers are always in a hurry to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts. Online payment is the most feasible option for them as the procedure at traditional banks is more time consuming. Next up is International Transfers. This is applicable to the US customers in particular as they can experience hindrance from UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Law Enforcement Act) as this blocks the fund transfer services of US banks to and from online casinos. Though the citizens of the US can log on and gamble with online casinos, they can find it really challenging to process their funds.

These were the top two problems but there are possible solutions too that can make the path of gamblers easier. PayPal is one way to deposit and transfer your money to and from the online casinos. It is easy to operate and manage a PayPal account and majority of the casinos accept payment from it. Americans may face UIGEA here as well but if you are not from the US, the online downside is that PayPal charges a small fee per transaction. And if you want a better solution than PayPal, then Bitcoin is the best bet and can be extremely well suited for the Americans as well. Bitcoin is a crypto currency that is entirely anonymous and charges no transaction fee. And with the rise in the amount of online gambling, these online payment options are giving customers the best chance to explore the opportunities and enjoy the benefits offered.


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