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Published on October 17th, 2017 | by admin


Legal Online Gambling rumoured to return to the US:

One of the most lucrative markets in the world will soon enjoying a legal status in the country it has been despised in for quite some time now. According to reports, Legal Online Gambling will soon return to the United States, much to they joy of the customers and online casino owners alike. In spite of physical casinos being so famous in the United States with the finest in Las Vegas, online gambling is more or less illegal and customers have to engage with illegal websites. Even Richard Branson opened VirginCasino in the year 2014 but couldn’t score a homerun among the casino fans.

The biggest online gambling venture in the world, PokerStars gained huge popularity and enjoyed awesome revenues with their customer base consisting of many thousand people. Soon enough, it was on the pinnacle of success generating billions in revenue and planning for an IPO. But then came the moment of downfall. In the year 2011, the United States government shut down the website and this was a disappointing sight for the online gambling enthusiasts.

But that was the past. If rumours are to be believed, Monster- the headphone manufacturer who launched the famous Dr. Dre headphones is going to try its luck in the online gambling business. And the guy they have hired for this job is none other than the famous Fred Khalilian. A well know reality TV personality and former kingpin of telemarketing, Fred is the newly appointed Chief Operating Officer of Monster and he is ready to turn the tides. And his master plan includes launching the company’s online gambling website named by 15th December.

Monster is well aware of the fact that online gambling is illegal in the US and so is Fred Khalilian but the CEO of the company has something else to say. Noel Lee, CEO of Monster believes that the path is tough and there are plenty of local and international laws to overcome. He also added that Fred has worked his way with the concerned authorities and the government and it is just a matter of time before the American are going to have the taste of legal online gambling once again.

Lee himself is a man of practical approach and has contributed effectively to the development of sound, stereo and electronic cables. But after some sour deals with Apple and Beats, he agrees that Monster could use a good deal now. After the sudden shutdown of PokerStars, Fred Khalilian has been looking for a way to bring an online gambling website into the fray and it seems like his efforts and hard work of 6 years are finally paying off. His intense research has allowed him to find some loopholes in the laws and jurisdiction that is concerned with online gambling. It looks like Fred is pretty sure that he has found a way to launch a multi million dollar enterprise that will cherish the fans and his team at Monster alike.

He is so confident that he is going to be a multi billionaire in a very short time with his proposal of the gambling website. He is so enthusiastic at this point that he has even claimed that he will be as big as Uber, if not any bigger. Whether it remains to be seen what future has in store for Fred Khalilian and Monster’s online gambling venture, one thing is for sure that if his website goes online, the fans of gambling on the web will be grateful than ever!

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