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Tips & Guides Blackjack strategy

Published on August 11th, 2017 | by admin


Blackjack strategies to help you win more money!

Blackjack, of all the games, has the smallest house edge over the player. Add to that a spin of math, a good understanding of the rules, plentiful logic, and simple expertise and skill- you’ve got yourself a winning strategy. Blackjack’s rulebook is hefty, but as you play on, the objective of these rules will become pretty clear. Below are some online gambling tips to help you win.

#1 Choose the right casino
So many lose at the very first step- picking the right place to play at. Go to a trustworthy website that offers good bonuses that you can use. Not all online casinos will pay you the money you rightfully won, so it is better to be safe than sorry. While online betting, this step is often ignored and can lead to great disappointment later. We cannot stress this enough- pick a licensed casino.

#2 Pick the variant accordingly
It is also quite important to pick a game with a lower house edge if you intend to win, and not just play. Blackjack may be a game of chance, but knowing the mathematical statistics and keeping a level countenance is key. Be patient and cool at all times. Blackjack strategies are based on the smallest details about the game, and being able to apply them at the right time. This will go a long way in securing you a payout.

#3 Preparation, both mental and mathematical, is key
Besides having knowledge and experience, the right mental attitude will help tremendously. Don’t be distracted- focus all your energy on the table. Set yourself a bankroll- a fixed amount of money you will be wagering, right at the beginning, when you have a clear head. Take a break, log off, or just stop playing when your money is over. Losing is a given most of the time, so do condition yourself to repeated loss. But know when to walk off if the streak continues for too long. Online gambling, it goes without saying, can get addictive too- repeated losses can make you believe you’ve got a win the next time. This notion is rubbish, and no strategy can overpower your mind. Always play on your own terms, and quit when you’re ahead.

#4 Strategy cards and Counting techniques
Get yourself a Blackjack strategy card- for novices, there are many online calculators that will show you the math behind the game you’ve chosen. These strategy charts will help you figure out when to split, double down, or take a hit. Knowing when to place a bonus bet is also vital, and not something that you can glean from a card. When you’re playing for money, it is best not to do so- these extra decks and variations in the game are a sure-fire way of losing money, however slowly. Experience in Blackjack rules and strategizing is a must before you start to play bonus bets.

Also, when you are playing in an online casino, no card counting tactic is going to work unless there is a live dealer, as the deck is shuffled after each hand. This strategy does not give you a marked improvement, but understanding the probable outcomes will surely increase your odds of winning, if only by a fraction, in a real-world casino. There are several card counting strategies, like Hi-Lo and True count, to determine your advantage over the casino.

#5 Decide the wager amount
Knowing how much to bet is also an important question. Choosing the same amount over and over again an offered casino bonus is an appropriate online gambling tip. Virtual casinos give you a range of generous bonuses that you can use to your benefit, and many of them are also beginner-oriented. You should keep in mind the time period of the bonus, and the minimum deposit you require to claim one. Quite obviously, playing with bonus money that is not yours, and yet being allowed to stack up the winnings, is a pretty sweet deal- but every Blackjack bonus comes with its own T&C that requires careful perusal. You can wager bonus money on almost all online gambling sites, but make sure you do it with the right know-how.

#6 Demo version first, always
One last online betting tip is to start with play money first. Come to grips with all the rules and how the money can flow out or come in, before you use your bonus. Use strategy cards, understand how to deal with soft cards, and take double downs or a hit as and when required. Practice is key for any beginner. With a good bonus and strategy card, you can hopefully expect a sufficient payout over a long term.

Blackjack strategies are based on clear, rock-hard math and science; with probability statistics helping you beat the system- overall, chances of winning in Blackjack is around 42%. Keep in mind the number of cars left in the pack and what could be the odds of them turning up at any given time. Don’t buy insurance or follow dealer rules- the player’s rights are not equal to the dealer’s. Split pairs of Aces and 8’s, but not 10’s, Jacks, Kings and Queens. Take hits with 11 or less, but don’t try the same with a soft 19. Come prepared with short-term and long-term Blackjack strategies instead of walking in with blind odds.

No Blackjack strategy is going to tell you to have fun though! Enjoy the thrill that comes with online betting, while handling your money with responsibility.

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