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Published on October 28th, 2017 | by admin


A late push by 4 states to legalise Online Gambling

In a last ditch effort, state legislatures of 4 different states in The US are trying to pass online gambling bills. This phenomenon was seen last year too and looks like it has become more of a yearly tradition. This was the case last year with Pennsylvania and Michigan as they kept people hooked throughout Christmas and for this year we can see iGaming making a late push in 4 different states. While Pennsylvania and Michigan are back in the race for this year too, the two new additions seem to be Illinois and New Hampshire. Here is the present status of these 4 states as we go into the last week of October.

  • Online Gambling in Pennsylvania-

With a budget of around $225 million to $265 million, the Senate and the House expect to sweep the gaming bill at last. The provisions included in the bill are Legalisation of Online Poker, Casino Games and Daily Fantasy Sports. The bill also includes authorisation demands for Online Lottery Sales and Satellite Games. Last but not least, the bill requests for the fixing of local share tax which was declared unconstitutional by the PA Supreme Court.

  • Online Gambling in Illinois: This week will begin with something known as a ‘veto session’ in the legislature of Illinois. They have two small windows of opportunity in which they can take care of the undone business- Oct 26-28 and Nov 7-9. The legislation needs to consider the bill called H 479 which includes online gambling and daily fantasy sports permit and was passed by the Senate but was stalled by the House. There are two other bills though that can replace H 479, namely S 209 and S 1531. S 209 was referred to the House Executive Committee’s Gaming Subcommittee a few days back on Tuesday while S 1531 was moved to the House Floor on the same day. The latter could become the vehicle for iGaming.
  • Online Gambling in Michigan: The status of Online Gambling in Michigan looks the best till date. Active bills have been passed in the Senate as well as the House, so the game is totally on. Things are looking bright and the possibility of Online Gambling Bills getting passed in Michigan are higher than in Illinois or Pennsylvania. According to Sources, the Senate is going to make its decision public on the bills passed in the coming weeks. From the side of the House, the representatives are optimistic and said that they would like to see some positive movements before Thanksgiving.
  • New Hampshire Online Gambling:

A placeholder bill was introduced to the Senate earlier this year. And the good news is that it is back on the table once again. A shell bill called H 562 that is only a few paragraphs long will be the hot topic of discussion in the executive session to come. The chances of the bill being amended and passed during the session are very high. If that happens, the bill will strengthen its chances of getting full vote by the legislature in the weeks to come.

So considering the above scenarios, there is a huge possibility that at least one of these states is going to take the big step in the legalisation of Online Gambling.

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